Guest Writer: 4th Grader Jacob

What I want my school to have!
       I wish my school had a day called pie day. Every March 14 at your pie in Murfressboro, TN 1970 medical center parkway we'd go but everyone that wants pizza has to bring 10 or 5 dollars. Bring in 10 to if you want something really good 5 ir you just want a pizza and they have gelato. If you don't know what gelato is, it's like a rich creamy kind of ice cream at your pie. I think gelato is 3 or 4$ of 10. And I forgot to say if you're a vegetarian they have vegetarian pizza! If you love meat they have meat lover's pizzas to! If u eat anything I don't know? The field trip doesn't cost anything. If that's what you want.

                                                by: Jacob
                                                          4th Grade Cole Elementary Student
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